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Between dream and reality, the perfume stands and expresses the most sensitive and intimate part of the being". Elisabeth de Feydeau, PhD in History, author of a French PhD thesis "De l’hygiène au rêve, l’industrie française du parfum de 1830 à nos jours".

Established since 1962, Hemani Aromatics, is a former associate concern of Calcutta Essence Supply Co., a renowned trading house in the line of perfumery and aroma oils. Through innovative research, development and collaboration with world-class perfumery houses, Hemani Aromatics has consistently delivered subtle fragrances for a gamut of industries.

Over the period of four decades we have been manufacturing & marketing our assorted aroma of incense across the globe. We have the expertise in aroma technology that is reflected in our innovative and wide product variety and an ever growing market of loyal customers around the world.

Girish Hemani, one of the partners, attributes the company’s success to hard work, dedication and his father Shri Kantilal Hemani’s clairvoyance. A completely holistic approach and meticulous research has helped the company scale new heights, since the last 5 decades. As Girish Hemani puts it ” As Aroma material manufacturers, we have to undertake wide programs of performance and stability testing to evaluate the fragrance consequences of the complex interactions in these systems”.

Today, Hemani Aromatics produces perfumery compounds/concentrates, creating over 2000 fragrances for a vast range of products like:
 Body Oils
 Body Lotions
 Incense Sticks
 Designer concentrates
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